We love some fresh social data! Released by Data Portal, We Are Social and Meltwater, Digital Report 2024 gives us some excellent insight on all things digital in Aotearoa. 

First, we put the last three years of social media platform numbers into a chart and check out the movement! There’s a dramatic decline on several social channels in 2022 but in 2023 we saw people returning to those platforms.* 

Every second counts in online engagement. Our time online increased by 15 minutes and our time watching TV (broadcast and streaming) reduced by 12%. But here’s the interesting bit, our time on social media dipped by 12% as well. For social media marketers, this means making the most of the limited time we have with the audience. Be entertaining, be helpful, be interesting. 

As for our favourite platforms? 

1. Facebook 
2. TikTok
3. Instagram

But where did we spend more of our precious time? 

1. TikTok 
2. YouTube
3. Facebook

TikTok reigns supreme as a popular and growing platform in Aotearoa. And while there’s been rumours of Facebook’s demise – we actually use it a lot, and like it. The Facebook landscape has changed however, with a notable shift to closed Facebook Groups. This means less of the traditional paid marketing and more of a need to create a deeper connection with their communities. 

And finally, here’s the numbers for the platforms in Aotearoa. Notable mention is YouTube, something never included in a channel strategy but should absolutely be there if you have something to teach people. Most people said they learned something from YouTube in the last year! LinkedIn is our steady growth platform and we’ve seen great success with organic posts on this channel. 

#1. 4.3 million Youtube 
#2. 3.3 million Facebook
#3.  2.8 million Linkedin users
#4. 2.5 million Instagram 
#5. 1.85 million TikTok**
#6. 1.46 million Snap
#7. 1.03 million Pinterest
#8.  2.9 million Messenger 
#9. 782K X (Twitter) users

Read the rest over here: https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2024-new-zealand

*Some of this may be due to a change in Metas reporting

**This is only those above the age of 18. We believe this number is much larger.