Our mahi:

We’re not usually in the business of product promotion but when the kaupapa aligns, we are in! Natures Therapeutics is a pakihi Māori selling beautiful, locally made rongoā Māori and other skincare products. They had done really well during Covid but now needed to get their products seen by even more people.

Social Good created a digital strategy, did content planning, content creation and partnered with Squid to deliver a growth and sales campaign. An important kaupapa for us is delivering training and support so pakihi like this can be equipped with all the tools and knowledge they need to keep the marketing going once we’ve finished our mahi together. We delivered training to Natures Therapeutics and we can already see them putting into practice the things we did together!

As for the sales? They continue to grow and we wish Gordan and the awesome team at Natures Therapeutics all the best as they become more established in Aotearoa and abroad.