Our mahi:

With two staff members away, Social Good provided step-in support to NZ Drug Foundation. We helped with with content creation, managing their online community and refining their digital strategy.

Our favourite thing was creating a viral TikTok for their harm reduction channel, The Level. We wanted to take away some of the security/safety fears of drug checking so viewers knew what to expect.

Our concept was a first-person walk-through of a drug check. We wrote the script, the team at NZ Drug captured the video clips, we edited it & provided the voice over.

Once posted on TikTok, it went crazy! It reached a huge local audience but it also went global where this sort of harm reduction isn’t available. The Social Good team provided community management, answering hundreds of questions and it is still the most viewed video on their TikTok. The positive feedback was incredibly validating for the hard mahi NZ Drug Foundation do.